Keenan Hye

Acoustical engineering grad student with a passion for the science and art of sound

About Me

My name is Keenan Hye, and I am intensely interested in the science and art of sound.


I grew up playing saxophone, and am now a guitarist and vocalist for Yohannes. I thrive writing original music and lyrics and love integrating themes and meaning through the technicalities of the recording, mixing, and mastering process.

My desire to learn more about the scientific aspects of music production gave rise to my interest in signal processing and acoustics. I have a strong fondness for high-fidelity music reproduction spaces, where the art of well-produced music can be enjoyed to the finest detail.

I am currently a candidate for a Masters of Engineering in Acoustics at Penn State University, and have a strong desire to apply my acoustic and audio signal processing principles to the building of powerful, high fidelity listening environments.

Despite my passion for finely tuned listening environments, I have experience and an appreciation for many other room-use designs where acoustics is of concern, from classrooms and workplaces to churches and concert halls. I also have experience mitigating environmental noise concerns. You can find a listing of my past experiences in my work portfolio and learn more about my experience and background via my resume.

In between classes, I am available as a mastering engineer - you can reach out to me here for mastering.