Keenan Hye

Acoustical engineering grad student with a passion for the science and art of sound

Signal Analysis Tools

Throughout my time at Penn State, I have been accruing quite a few useful signal analysis tools for acoustics. I have designed them to work together as a toolbox, as well as to stay relatively simple in function. (There are a few dependencies on some in-class functions, however, which I cannot re-publish here.)

Here are a few of the more useful ones, which I plan to update as I progress through my masters program:

  • Autocorr.m
    • Computes the autocorrelation of a mono discrete time signal
  • constQFilt.m
    • Creates a constant Q filter with given parameters
  • corrCoeff.m
    • Computes the correlation coefficient from a cross correlation vector
  • Crosscor2delay.m
    • Finds the delay from a cross corrlation vector by finding the delay of a peak correlation value relative to the input mono discrete time signal x[n].
  • Crosscorr.m
    • Computes the cross-correlation of two mono discrete time signal.
  • spectro.m
    • Creates a spectrogram with variable parameters and time/frequency resolution
  • time2CrossPSD.m
    • Finds the cross power spectral density between two mono discrete time signals
  • time2PSD.m
    • This function converts a discrete time signal to a single-sided power spectral density
  • time2PSD2side.m
    • This function converts a discrete time signal to a double-sided power spectral density
  • time2PSDAvg.m
    • This function converts a discrete time signal to a time-averaged single-sided power spectral density
  • time2PSDAvgAdvanced.m
    • Same as time2PSDAvg.m with the option to window and overlap time-average records