Keenan Hye

Acoustical engineering grad student with a passion for the science and art of sound

Co-op 3: Bose Corporation

During my time at Bose, I was fortunate to be working on an independent feasibility study for an adaptive equalization algorithm.

The algorithm would, in essence, compensate for measured abnormalities in a given listening room via output filtering. I was tasked with creating the algorithm and then testing it to see if such a system was feasible with limited involvement from the user.

I also made a room-response visualizer during my time there, which looked like this:


Working at Bose allowed me to learn various technical skills important to audio signal processing and acoustics, as well as improve my independent project management and data analysis skills.

Technical Skills Acquired

Some notable technical skills I learned at Bose include the following:

  • Acoustic room response measurement via MATLAB
  • Implementation of digital FIR/IIR filters via MATLAB
  • Frequency domain analysis of measured test signals
  • Empirical research and data analysis via MATLAB and Excel
  • GUI design via MATLAB
  • Feasibility test design and implementation